What is the Glacier Snow Guard?

Glacier Snow Guard

Snow and ice slides from rooftops can cause costly damage to personal property, or even worse, personal injury that could result in costly lawsuits. Glacier Snow Guards help prevent snow and ice slides by catching them before they become dangerous.

Benefits of Glacier Snow Guards

  • Brute Strength. Shear Tested to withstand weight up to 8,000 lbs.
  • Prevent costly gutter repair or replacement.
  • Safety. Prevent bodily injury from sudden snow slides.
  • Protect landscaping and building structures.
  • Protect automobiles from damage.
  • Keep pets safe.

Our Price Guarantee
Glacier Snow Guards will NOT be undersold. Send us your lowest competitor's price on ANY comparable sized snowguard and we WILL beat it, GUARANTEED.

The Glacier Snow Guard Family

Glacier Snow Guard

Glacier Snow Guard Pricing:
$3.49 / snow guard.
Suggested Retail Price: $3.99

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Full Size Glacier Snow Guard


  • Made from tough polycarbonate material for optimum performance and durability.
  • U.V. resistant.
  • Unique ledge for shingle type applications.
  • Three large structural ribs for superior strength.
  • Exclusive waffle design tread on the bottom for maximum holding power.
  • Clear Glacier Snow Guards are practically invisible. Custom colors are also available at an additional cost.
  • With over 30 inches of base coverage, the Glacier Snow Guard has surpassed the competition. This ensures secure holding and reliability.

Mini Glacier Snow Guard

Mini Glacier Snow Guard Pricing: $1.89 / snow guard.
Suggested Retail Price: $2.29

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Mini Glacier Snow Guard

The newest addition to our Glacier Snow Guard family offers the same advantages of the Standard Glacier Snow Guard as well as fit in narrow passages.

Where could the Mini Glacier Snow Guard be utilized?
In small areas and overhangs where the larger Snow Guard is not practical.


  • Made from Lexan material to provide UV Protection, Superior Strength and Optimum Durability.
  • Low Price helps stay within budget.
  • Narrow footprint enables the MINI Glacier Snow Guard to fit where larger Snow Guards will not.
  • Designed for overhanges and narrow valleys found on typical rooftops.

Install Glacier Snow Guards during the Winter months!

Apply Snow Guards Year-Round with our newest Adhesive!*

Our newest Adhesive, Everseal SB-1800 allows application down to -20° F. Click for more info.
1 Tube will adhere 7 Large Snow Guards or 17 Mini Snow Guards.

* SB-1800 must be used in combination with a mechanical fastener.



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